2.3 Card catalogue



The card catalogue, or catalogue, is the basic file of the documentation system. The cards in it are classified in ascending order of accession number, in the same order as the accession register. They should not be removed from the catalogue. For this reason they are perforated at the bottom and held in place in the file by a metal bar. These catalogue cards show the location code of the object concerned. This is why the card catalogue should not be made publicly available.


Existing online resources (English):

Aide mémoire for Documentation in museums, n° 7, Cards and files, EPA-ICCROM
Definitions of manual cards and files, description of catalogue cards and index files, separators and classification system.
Registration step by step: when an object enters the museum, CIDOC.
Stage 4 gives examples of different headings on the cards of the card catalogue.
Cataloguing objects, Collections Link.
Definition of a Card catalogue, list of the main information to be included in it, suggestions on how to complete the cards and on the formats and the classification system.

In Spanish:

Manuales de Inventario de Bienes de interés Cultural, Desarrollado por: Ministerio de Cultura, Programa de Inventario y Registro del Patrimonio Cultural Colombiano, Dirección de Patrimonio Colombia.
Guía para el inventario, catalogación y documentación de colecciones de museos: arqueología, arte, etnografía, historia. Ministerio de Cultura, Museo Nacional de Colombia, programa Red Nacional de Museos, Colombia, 2004.
Blanca Noval. Manual para la elaboración de una ficha de identificación de un bien cultural. CONACULTA-INAH. México. (s/f).
Martha Isabel Tapia Gonzalez. Instructivo para el llenado de la ficha institucional de identificación de Monumentos Históricos muebles e inmuebles por destino. CONACULTA. INAH. México. (2007).
Inventario de Bienes Culturales de la Iglesia en Chile. Manual y Fichas de Inventario.
Mauricio Infante V., y Comisión Nacional de Bienes Culturales de la Iglesia,  Conferencia Episcopal de Chile, 2008.
Isabel Bravo Juega, Normas para desarrollar la ficha-tipo de inventario para museos militares, MILITARIA, Revista de Cultura Militar, No 7, Servicios de Publicaciones, U.C.M. Madrid, (1995).
Lina Nagel Vega. Editora. Manual de Registro y Documentación de Bienes Culturales. DIBAM, GETTY. Chile. (2008).


If these resources become unavailable, you will be able to find some of them on the EPA website. They were captured in March 2009 and checked in January 2011. You can find the Spanish resources on the ILAM website. They were captured in November 2009 and checked in January 2011.

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