6.1 The registrar



It is essential to appoint a registrar. He or she will be responsible for updating the documentation system.

No object shall be moved without authorization by the registrar, who will enter long-term moves on the object’s card and all moves in the loans and object movement register.
No new acquisition shall be put into the stores without having been recorded by the registrar in the accession register and without a catalogue card being created or the acquisition being entered in the collection management software.


Existing resources (English):

Aide mémoire for Documentation in museums, n° 9, The Registrar, EPA-ICCROM.
The missions, tasks and qualities required of a registrar.
Collections Theft Response Procedures, p. 12, Registrar,  2001, Getty Conservation Institute.
Simple resource in PDF format (256 Ko) which explains on page 12 the missions and tasks of the registrar.

In Spanish:

Lic. Armando Gagliardi, Ant. Patricia Morales.(Coord). Normativas Técnicas para Museos. Dirección de Museos de Venezuela. Venezuela. (1993-94).


If these resources become unavailable, you will be able to find some of them on the EPA website. They were captured in March 2009 and checked in January 2011. You can find the Spanish resources on the ILAM website. They were captured in November 2009 and checked in January 2011.

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