6.2 The procedural manual



The Procedural Manual contains clear instructions for standardizing the recording of information about the collections in a museum and for showing how the documentation system functions. The registrar will record the procedures used for the documentation of collections in this manual and will keep it updated if the procedures change.

The Procedural Manual shall remain in the museum, and will be handed over to successive registrars. In this way, whoever may be the person responsible for documentation, the procedures will stay the same. This will ensure that documents are standardized and that the procedures are adhered to.


Existing resources (English):

Developing a Documentation Procedural Manual, Collections Link.
This resource will help you design a Procedural Manual for your museum, by providing you with a basic Procedural Manual plan which you can adapt to your specific requirements.
Documentation Procedural Manual Template, Collections Link.
A model in RTF format for writing a Procedural Manual, which may help you design your museum’s Procedural Manual. If you use this, do not forget that it is an English model, and is therefore based on MDA recommendations. You will need to adapt it according to your particular situation.


If these resources become unavailable, you will be able to find some of them on the EPA website. They were captured in March 2009 and checked in January 2011. You can find the Spanish resources on the ILAM website. They were captured in November 2009 and checked in January 2011.

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