4 - How to check the inventory



Checking the inventory involves confirming the actual presence of every object belonging to the museum, i.e. recorded in the accession register, in general by comparing existing objects with information held in the accession register.

For this operation, which will generally take some time and a considerable amount of concentration, you will also use the loans and object movement register to check the whereabouts of the objects not found in the museum.

Existing resources (English):

Aide-mémoire for Documentation in museums, n° 8, Inventory control, EPA-ICCROM.
This aide-memoire explains, step by step, how to carry an inventory check.
Retrospective Documentation and Making an Inventory, Collections Link.
Description of the process to be followed for making an inventory.

In French:

Circulaire n° 2006/006 du 27 juillet 2006 relative aux opérations de récolement des collections des musées de France, Ministère de la culture, France.
A very useful PDF document (416 Ko) which can be downloaded, copied and/or printed. It explains the planning and implementation of an inventory check (retrospective documentation), as well as the results of and follow-up to the operation. A model retrospective documentation card is also provided, together with instructions for use.

In Spanish:

Lic. Armando Gagliardi, Ant. Patricia Morales.(Coord). Normativas Técnicas para Museos. Dirección de Museos de Venezuela. Venezuela. (1993-94).


If these resources become unavailable, you will be able to find some of them on the EPA website. They were captured in March 2009 and checked in January 2011. You can find the Spanish resources on the ILAM website. They were captured in November 2009 and checked in January 2011.

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