Documenting collections is a professional duty, without which a museum does not deserve to be called a museum.

We hope that this Guide will help you to see this a little more clearly and will provide you with the basic answers that will enable everyone to find their own solutions to the many problems they will face in the context of a documentation project.

Remember that most of the resources listed in this Guide are Internet publications, and that they can therefore disappear or change their address at any time. To reduce this risk, we decided, for most of them, to host them as well on the EPA (Ecole du Patrimoine Africain) server. We also give you both the original link, which we advise you to visit first, and an alternative link in case the original becomes inaccessible. This alternative link may, for technical reasons, display slight differences, for example in terms of page layout. You may access the index of the back up resources here.

For some aspects of the documentation, the resources listed here will not be a substitute for training. Moreover, if you have the opportunity and means for this, get in contact with institutions that offer thematic training in documentation of collections. We cannot here offer an exhaustive list, since it would be always liable to be subject to modification. However, international organizations such as UNESCO and ICCROM, which offer a degree of permanence, will always be able to direct you, if need be, to the right references.

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