Why storage reorganization?


Some facts

The progressive abandonment of museum storage is not only an issue affecting developing countries. All countries face the same problems:

And the list goes on…


Storage area before reorganization


Storage reorganization tackles the complexity of existing situations

  • While much has been written on how to plan new storage areas starting from zero, most museums are not faced with this problem at all. Instead, they must improve a situation that has deteriorated over time: objects are no longer visible, accessible or retrievable; materials of all kinds have accumulated in the aisles, and the building no longer offers adequate protection.
  • Although 60% of museums worldwide are faced with this particular problem, literature and tools on this topic are virtually inexistent.


Access blocked by collection

Our goal


Access to collections

Our target audience

Museum professionals

  • Who work in (or advise) a museum with a collection of 1,000 to 10,000 objects. Over time, the storage areas (probably in one or two rooms) have been abandoned progressively and no longer fulfil the seven essential criteria for good storage:
  1. There is at least one trained member of staff in charge
  2. There is a basic documentation system (complete & up to date)
  3. Storage areas are reserved exclusively for the collection
  4. Every object has an assigned location
  5. Every object can be retrieved within three minutes
  6. Every object can be moved without damaging another
  7. The building is designed or adapted for conservation
  • Who want the stored collection to be usable for the museum’s public outreach activities, and for it to be presentable to colleagues.
  • Who have colleagues that are keen to work together to reorganize the storage areas, but don’t know where to start.


During storage reorganization


  • Who want their students to have a positive impact on the state of storage worldwide.
  • Who are aware that few didactic resources and literature exist on this subject.
  • Who need new, comprehensive material to support their teaching.
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